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I am the director of Education at the House of Hope Orphanage in Zacapa, Guatemala. I am a teacher from St.Paul, Minnesota.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Missionary Travels

One of the many exciting opportunities I have had this year is to travel to different parts of Guatemala to minister to groups of children. I and some other teachers at school have used our school vacation days and weekends to make some of these trips. We have traveled specifically to the areas of Alta and Baja Verapaz, an area of Guatemala known for its cloud forest. It is a beautiful area and is also characterized by larger percentage of indigenous Mayan people than we have here in Zacapa. The leader of our group is a teacher we have on staff named Javier Gomez, aka Super Discipulo. Javier is invited to these areas to do ministry as the Super Disciple, and the rest of us go along as a support team. We do songs, games, a Bible lesson, and have ministry time. In one area we went to we had over 200 kids, and we were told we would have 60! In this particular center, the Bible lesson was translated from Spanish to a Mayan language. Many of the children understand Spanish, but their mothers that were listening in did not.
To see more photos of our trips as well as Super Discipulo, go to


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