Erin Cole

I am the director of Education at the House of Hope Orphanage in Zacapa, Guatemala. I am a teacher from St.Paul, Minnesota.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

On Monday of Holy Week the teachers and I went to a local waterfall. We had a great time hiking and playing in the water. We hiked to an area above the waterfalls where there is a natural pool. One of the teachers mothers made Caldo de Gallina (Hen soup) for lunch. It is considered a very special dish!


Blogger Risa said...

How beautiful! I can't wait to get outdoors with the kids. The weather has been so cold lately though we haven't been able to. We actually had snowflakes in the air this morning. Nothing stayed but it's a little discouraging because just a couple of weeks ago we were wearing shorts and sitting in the sun!

7:06 PM  
Blogger jose adolfo said...

Has hecho un trabajo magnifico, diferente a cualquier otra caso que se vea en la region en el area educativa. esa calidad es tanto con los alumnos como con los docentes. ojala tengamos Erin Jay Cole para un buen rato.


9:53 AM  

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